I don’t know about you, but when I go to a greeting card store to find the perfect colorful and sentimental greeting I cringe when I have to pay $5 a card! You see, I know that Popular Greetings wholesales cards for just 25 cents each!

Having known their owner for many years and seeing them at most of the same trade shows that I attend, I can personally attest to the quality and value of the selection of cards at Popular Greetings. They even have a website where you can view and orders hundreds of popular designs. If you have a store that already has, or should have a greeting card section, you need to contact Popular Greetings today. I was blown away when I learned of the profit margins in greeting cards. You can easily offer 1/2 price cards to your customers and STILL make a fortune.

Call Popular Greetings today at 800-505-5514. Tell them Martin from Forum sent you!